Palo Santo Sticks Vs Sage

Smudging or clearing the negative energy from a space has been an ancient practice for many cultures. Why When to Smudge.

Palo Santo Magic Herbs Smudging Prayer Energy Cleanse

Another difference between Sage and Palo Santo sticks is the spirituality surrounding each process.

Palo santo sticks vs sage. Differences between Sage and Palo Santo. When something makes you feel good time and time again you realize that its timeless. These are all questions we get asked on the daily here.

Whilst smouldering sage is said to clear all energy the scent of palo santo is slightly more subtle it has a beautiful woodsy aroma with notes of pine lemon and mint. Sage and palo santo are typically used to cleanse a space of negative energy whereas incense is typically a blend of oils or herbs in a stick or cone used to alter your mood and energetic state. Allow it to burn until you see the golden embers surround the lit edge of the stick and blow it out.

Palo Santo wood is known for its cleansing and protection just like Sage. Sage has a long-standing history of being spiritually cleansing for both individuals and spaces. Sage is made from the leaf of the sage plant and has a strong pungent smell when burned.

Palo Santo is a great alternative to Sage if one has particular allergies or sensitivities to herbs. Palo Santo is what I reach for daily as it simply encourages positive energy while purifying the air. Palo Santo on the other hand is less aggressive and only removes the negative energy from a space and allows the good vibes to stick around.

Both of these plants should suit you just fine for general cleansing purposes. Both sage and palo santo can be used to purify your personal energy as well as the energy in you spaces home workspace garage ect. The Native Americans strongly believed in the cleansing power of Sage and kept the tradition going.

The main use of Palo Santo sticks. White sage is however is a little easier to light and use. But they can be even more powerful in tandem.

You can begin by cleansing yourself firstbring the smoke towards your heart then head and front and back body. As people are awakening and realizing that those drugs are hurting more than helping the body there is a hunger to get back to basics and utilize the gifts of Mother Gaia. Sage vs Palo Santo.

Incense can assist you in meditation lucid dreaming and help you connect to a. Palo santo and sage both have healing properties and both are used around the world. Palo Santo means holy wood best known for its ability to add positivity to your space whereas sage removes negativity.

Are tarot readings dangerous the difference between a good and bad reader. Combining the forces of fire earth and air this method of plant medicine can help to dissipate old lingering and new energies. Now that you understand the benefits of smudging lets look at the main ways you can use smudging in your life as well as when to smudge.

Its best to think of it as sage CLEARS it out the bad and palo santo BRINGS back the good. The smoke is said to capture negativity and stress and waft it into the atmosphere and far away. If I had to compare sage to a common cleaning product I would put it in line with bleach.

It gets all the dirty energy out. Palo Santo doesnt have that spiritual reputation. Sage can also clear 94 of airborne bacteria in a space.

Unlike Palo Santo Sage can burn for less time before its ready. The main difference between palo santo and white sage is that one is a fragrant herb and one is an aromatic wood which has aged in nature. Sage has a very very strong smell while palo has.

Sage clears out alllllll of the energy in a space or in your energetic field the good and the bad. Both sage and palo santo work separately to cleanse a space. Its best to think of it as sage CLEARS it out the bad and palo santo BRINGS back the good.

If you use them at the same time it could get confusing for what is being asked to leave and. Palo Santo is what I reach for daily as it simply encourages positive energy while. It can also be used as a natural mosquito repellent and can relive pain and stress.

Sage is really easy to light and keep it lit. Its super for cleansing a small area and leaves the area with a really good positive vibration. Sage and palo santo both have very distinct scents and they can be used as air fresheners.

Palo santo is said to cleanse the negative energy away from your space and bring in good positive energy. It doesnt burn as easily as sage so it may be best used for smaller spaces. Each of these have a distinct fragrance but are similar in nature.

Palo santo has a great smell however its a little bit more difficult to light and it only gets rid of the negative energy leaving the positive energy around. Plus it smells really good. Think about sage moving energy out and palo santo moving energy in adds King.

Burning Sage and Palo Santo is far from being a trend. Some people dont like the smell of sage and in that case palo santo is usually suggested. Sage was common during Native.

Palo Santo means holy wood best known for its ability to add positivity to your space whereas sage removes negativity. It pretty much leaves us with an energetic blank slate. One sage stick typically lasts several smudging sessions.

Unlike palo santo wood which is known for pulling in good energy while transferring the bad back out sage is more focused on the baddies and its tough and thickly-bundled exterior lends itself to visions of strength and protection.

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