Home Harvest Seed Sprouter Instructions

Rinse the seeds with filtered water twice each day until the sprouts are several inches long. DO NOT store any portion of the seed sprouter in direct sunlight.

Sprouting Seed At Home Q A Sprouting Seeds Seed Sprouter Seeds

Lay down the sprouted seeds ON TOP of the soil and cover with a 10x 20 growing tray with holes and place in a dark location at an appropriate temperature.

Home harvest seed sprouter instructions. Any glass jar will. An easy method is to scoop up handfuls of sprouts and dunk them in a bowl of water shaking gently to remove any remaining hulls. When sprouts are ready to harvest rinse one final time to remove hulls and unsprouted seeds if desired.

We include 2 but you can add up to 4 additional trays and grow several different varieties. Easy Sprout is the best all-around sprouter. Then drain and rinse in pure water.

Wash your sprouter well between crops. Twice a day rinse and drain the seeds. Read and follow the instructions in all sections of the manual before using your sprouter.

Swirl seeds for approximately 30-45 seconds then drain water. Once the seeds have the first two little leaves they are ready to eat. No soil or messy mixes required.

When sprouting you place the seeds directly on the mesh tray or on top of another finer mesh screen to avoid seeds falling through. DO NOT use near hot surfaces. Remove the lid when the sprouts hit the top.

Wash the seeds well in fresh water before soaking. Try staggering your sowing to get a long continuous harvest. For jar sprouting add a few inches of water and replace lid.

Over-soaking can kill your sprouts. Do not run the dry cycle. If the leaves are yellow put the tray in gentle indirect sunlight so the sprouts can produce chlorophyll and turn green.

Seeds for sprouts are sold separately so. You water the seeds drain them and this is the repeated process until they have reached the sprouting stage. Float off any leaf or twig debris.

Clean your sprouter or mason jar before each use. Sanitation is very important when sprouting seed. Drain sprouts one last time before eating or storing.

Pint or quart half-liter or liter jars work best. Grow a different kind of sprout on each tray. Timing Sprouting seeds sprout quickly and are ready for harvest usually within a week from first rinsing them.

Let the seeds soak in filtered water for 4-8 hours. The exception is onion which has to be encouraged to sink. 7 easy steps to follow.

Place in filtered light not direct sun. Our easy-to-use Seed Sprouter allows for viewing and monitoring of seeds and sprouts. Do not over or under soak.

Grow only as many as you can reasonably eat within a given freshness period. Drain and rinse the seeds through the meshcheesecloth jar cover. Small seeds that float off are usually not viable.

Wash your sprouter well between crops. Select a jar in which to sprout your seeds. Place 1 2 tablespoons of seeds in your sprouting jar or tray.

Soak seeds in pure water not tap water use bottled or filtered tap water for about 8 hours although 3 hours is enough for alfalfa. The best thing to use is a glass canning jar. Easy Sprout is made up of a 1 Quart litre Growing Vessel a Solid containerBase that catches excess Rinse water a Small Seed Insert that snaps in when sprouting small seeds two Growing Lids 1 for home Domed and 1 for the road Flat and a Solid Lid for refrigerator storage of your sprout crop.

Rinse Drain and Harvest. Once the sprouts are ready close the jar with a solid lid. Soak the seeds for the correct time.

Keep slightly moist and rise twice daily until ready for harvesting. Continue to mist the top of the sprouts every day with pure water. Empty the basin tray of water before each time you water the seeds.

Just add seeds then water 2 to 3 times each day. Kitchen Seed Sprouter Grow your own fresh nutrient dense greens in the house. Ready to harvest in just 3 to 5 days depending on type of seed and air temperature.

Your seed should be clean and your sprouting device should be sterile. Sprouts can be grown at any time of the year. Dishwasher safe top rack ONLY.

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