How To Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights

Now that you know everything about Christmas lights here are 4 easy steps to follow when hanging Christmas lights outside. If it snows and gets really cold where you live start.

How To Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights Outdoor Christmas Lights Exterior Christmas Lights Hanging Christmas Lights

The best way to hang outdoor Christmas lights is to make sure you hang them the right way.

How to hang outdoor christmas lights. Hanging Christmas lights can be competitive as neighborhoods try to out-do each other and each neighbor adds more and more lights to their display each year. Then go and purchase your lights making sure they are made for outdoor lighting not indoor. Here are our favorite tips for hanging Christmas lights from your gutter.

A Competition and a Tradition. Best way to hang Christmas lights outside. Attach Lights to Trees If youre hanging lights in a tree try utilizing a light-hanging pole.

Its always the same you take your. Wrap the other end of the hanger over the front of the board. Hanging posts are likewise wonderful if you do not intend to get on a ladder.

Continue on to the branches then wrap back down into the empty spaces. Before Christmas is knocking on the door you should know what exactly you want to do with your outdoor Christmas lights. LED lights are especially nice for outdoor lighting.

Most accidents happen with ladders and result in broken ankles and arms. This means you do not want to take shortcuts because in the long run your lights could fall off the house or the trees you install them. Depending on the type of hanger there may be a groove located in the center in which to place the wire.

Best Way To Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights. Then decide how many lights you need and what kind you want to use. Measure Where the Lights Will Hang.

Go outside and look at your house. If your lights are mains powered youre going to want to measure the distance between your outdoor plug and where the lights are supposed to go. Choose a sturdy ladder and make sure its set on flat ground.

This works for strands with 6-inch spacing which we recommend using to achieve a fuller look. Hanging outdoor Christmas lights is not necessarily a difficult task. In this video we learn how to hang outdoor Christmas lights from the experts at Home Depot.

Gutter hooks or decorating clips. If your ladder is looking a bit old consider replacing it before you start hanging your Christmas lights. Use a tape measure to estimate the width or height of the area where youre hoping to hang your light strands.

First wind the lights up the tree leaving about 6 inches between each pass. If youre lighting a tree set the extension cord in the middle of the tree put a tri-tap on it and start running lights from it. Decorating clips can be stuck onto wooden and uPVC surfaces such as door frames gutters and fascias.

Perfect for securely hanging light weight items such as outdoor holiday Lights drip line plants bird feeders birdhousess curtains ropes cords chains mugs. Plan Before you go out and buy the lights you need to come up with a plan. If youre using lightweight LED string lights rope lights or icicle lights then you can put the glue on the back of light clips instead.

If youd like to avoid an extra trip up the ladder and if your roofline is flat another way of estimating the width or length of the area you want to hang lights is to measure the width of your house at its base. First you want to start out the planning process and figure out where you want lights to be hung out. For you to best hang your lights you need to have.

Most Christmas lights run on electricity so you will need an outdoor outlet. Whether its a tree or the roof always work top to bottom. You can either insert all of the hooks into the fascia board and then go back and drape the lights or place the.

To help yourself remember your plans once its time to hang the lights make a diagram showing your measurements. Space the fasteners uniformly with the distance of. Christmas lights hanging hooks 20-Pack are quick and easy to install first pre drill a small holes and then with hammer to keep it into wood directely.

Before you start hanging your lights its important you grab a tape measure and map out your lighting area to make sure you have enough. Some popular spots for outdoor Christmas. Use this to calculate the materials needed using this equation.

Distance6 number of lights needed. They are cheap and durable. The following guide will help you out.

How to plug in Christmas lights without an outdoor outlet. Affix Lights to Railings If you want to connect lights to the barriers of your front porch or deck take a look at deck clips. If this is the case for you you can use an indoor outlet and run an extension cord through a window and then attach your lights.

However some houses either dont have them or have them placed in odd areas. You can connect multiple strands without popping a breaker. If you are installing your outdoor lights on the gutters you will need to get some outdoor light s-clips that will hang on to the gutter and also attached to the wire of the Christmas Lights.

Start with the biggest or highest feature first. Take a picture of the house. Test before you start.

That way youre not stepping on or breaking anything. These s-clips are made from a clear white or green plastic and can be bought anywhere that Christmas lights and accessories are sold. That will give you the desired 3.

A camera ladder tape measure outdoor holiday lights plastic light clips plastic zip ties and an outdoor extension cord. If your cables too short an extension lead can make all the difference. For heavier lighting wires apply glue directly to the light socket and hold it firmly in place for about 10 seconds until the glue cools and sets.

To hang string and rope lights youll want to use outdoor decorating clips that are suitable for string lights to hang them between a series of fixed points. Pre-installed hooks or holders over which to drape the extension cords and the light strings will make it much easier to hang your lights. Take a notebook and mark everywhere you want to put lights.

Take a look at our tips to simplify the job and make it a fun filled activity. How to Hang. Place the Christmas light wire in the center of the hanger.

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