Hanging Christmas Tree Lights Vertically

You know how you usually string the lights AROUND the tree in between the branches back and forth. Shut the front door.

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She points out that hanging them vertically instead of coiling them means that you wont waste lights at the back of your tree.

Hanging christmas tree lights vertically. This video shows how to get t. The vertical approach to hanging Christmas tree lights is a trend that started circulating a few years ago. If you havent decorated your tree yet you might want to consider an idea thats gaining traction on social media — hanging your Christmas lights vertically instead of wrapping them around.

This makes it take forever and leaves a bit of room for error. Now dont get me wrong. She points out that hanging them vertically instead of coiling them means that you wont waste lights at the back of your tree.

We all love decorating our Christmas trees but circling around the tree over and over again making the lights perfect can be such a hassle. Should you be hanging your Christmas tree lights VERTICALLY. In the video which has had 24 million views Hooper can be seen stringing her lights from the bottom of the tree right up to the top and back down again so the lights fall vertically.

The bungie allows the branch to move without putting too much strain on the lights. According to TikTok the correct way to put lights on a Christmas tree is to put them on vertically. Click httpyoutubeXqP2PDDqKZo to see finished results.

The horizontal lights create an obvious swirl effect as seen in the pictures leaving gaps of tree in the dark and would probably be difficult to fill in with extra lights. It has a number of benefits including using fewer lights to make the tree beautiful and it makes it less likely to lose some of the bulbs in the middle of. It turns out that weve been doing it wrong.

Hopefully you can see the difference in the hanging. At seasons end i cut the tied off strings used to pull the lights up and down they come. In Hoopers TikTok she explains that when decorating Christmas trees used to part of her job she used the zig zag vertical method.

Instead of wrapping the lights around the tree from top to bottom hang Christmas tree lights vertically. The world of TikTok is going crazy over this Christmas Tree Lights hack. Mentally divide the tree into three triangular sections.

Then I tie off the string that i used to pull it up. Basically that means that were putting the lights on horizontally. Learn how to hang Christmas lights on your tree to get maximum coverage and a festive looking tree this season.

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree Brenda Lee Hooper explains that the vertical approach to decorating your tree means you dont have to. This method ensures that the tree shines brightly because the lights are more visible as they are less likely to be covered up by branches. 4 2015 0159 The reason I like doing this is if you go around in a circle the lights tend to go in Bilotto said.

Most of us including me do it horizonallly. Theres a viral TikTok I read about on Huffington Post where you run your Christmas tree lights up and down the tree vertically in a zig zag pattern. The main reason that it is so much easier to hang your string lights vertically is because you only have to do one loop around your tree.

To hang lights horizontally you go round and round. Hooper says hanging your lights vertically instead of. Just take the end of the light string that doesnt have the plug prongs and place it at the top of your tree.

Wring trees with christmas lights vickster51 on twitter when it comes to christmas tree lights the art of christmas tree lighting tips for how to hang christmas tree lights with images hanging the best christmas lights reviews by wirecutter how to hang christmas tree lights best ways. Doable with either an artificial or real tree the vertical technique only requires a few simple steps. Well show you three methods for Christmas t.

String lights by starting the string at the bottom of the tree and pulling it up to the top then back down like a mountain. This TikTok Hack For Hanging Christmas Tree Lights Vertically Is A Total Game Changer. I bungie the bottom to the stake at the ground and bunch up any remainder lights around the bottom.

He recommends hanging the Christmas tree lights vertically rather than stringing them in a circle around the entire tree. When I saw the title Youve Been Hanging Your Christmas Tree Lights All Wrong I thought it was a clickbaity title to useless tip like those folding hacks that are impossible to do. Hang them downwards until they reach the bottom.

Our neighborhood strings Christmas Lights vertically from the trees. I cant believe somebody hasnt thought of this before. Why is stringing Christmas tree lights vertically better than the traditional horizontal method.

TikTok user Clare Hooper explained that it used to be her job to hang Christmas tree lights. Most people uncoil their Christmas lights around the tree working around it but one design expert says you should actually hang them vertically. Vertical Method With and without lights on Pictures 5 6.

Thats according to 46-year-old Clare Hooper whose life hack for lighting up a Christmas tree has gone viral on TikTok. You and the fam have finally decided its time to put up Christmas decorations so you grab all the bins tucked away in storage and start digging through to find those bright sparkly LED lights you all love so much.

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