18+ Dark Hair With Pink Highlights Ideas

Dark Hair With Pink Highlights. See more ideas about hair, hair styles, dyed hair. We think this color combo would look amazing in a sharp bob cut too.

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Curly black hair with pink highlights look absolutely stunning, we have to admit. All you need is a good hairstylist! You can opt for pastel pink, soft pink or cotton candy.

A Little Pink Never Hurt Anybody, Right?

The basic cut is layered which makes the curls appear upper and lower on the hair. The pink is quite vibrant but it’s warmed by golden tones and styled in perfect beach waves. If you thought that there is nothing more you can do about your long dark tresses, think again.

Reddish Highlights For Dark Brown Hair Are Also A Part Of This Persona.

That’s when you reveal that you actually have a second hair color. This might just be the epitome of peekaboo highlights. They are so small and subtle that you simply cannot see them unless you push back your hair behind your ear.

The Hair Is Then Colored With Purple And Pink Highlights.

You can opt for pastel pink, soft pink or cotton candy. This is a unique and unapologetic color for those of us who love to stand out. See more ideas about short hair styles, hair styles, hair cuts.

Yellow Highlights With Layered Bob.

Regardless if you have blonde, brown or black hair, you can rest assured that baby pink highlights will be a chic addition to your hairstyle. It lends a certain degree of softness to your face, and this further highlights the power of pink. All you need is a good hairstylist!

The Positioning Of The Highlights Creates A Unique Color Band Around The Head.

These subtle pink highlights make the layers stand out and also exude a subtle but assertive charm. Dusky skin toned ladies are in for some good news! For a subtle result, consider light pink with blonde hair.

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